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Your Digital Workspace - Simply Better

Introducing Flexspace by OPUS

Flexspace is the most intuitive, flexible, integrated platform available. Period.

Technology can be overwhelming and frustrating. When you start each workday, how many programs do you open? Four? Five? More? Also, the average user has more than 22 individual log ins.

With Flexspace you have one secure site to log into, a single password to remember… everything in one place that automatically saves to the cloud from any device you use. Get an interruption? Pick up where you left off on any of your devices.

The bottom line? Flexspace is a simple, elegant way to access all of your work resources securely on any device you use.

Flexible & Scalable

Leverage the agility of Flexspace.

Add or remove users on-the-fly. Role-based administration maintains proper data privacy and governance. Each role is highly customize-able at the user-level, providing each user unique flexibility to arrange their applications and data to the way they work.

Secure & Simple

One secure Integrated Access Layer, simple

Throw away that long list of passwords and quit jumping from platform to platform. With Flexspace “live tiles” you quickly get to applications you use every day on a single, secure location.

Ready Wherever You Roam

Pick up where you left off…

Flexspace is device agnostic and flows across all your devices. Need to climb into your workspace from the airport or on the beach? No problem, there’s no remote lag time, and everything is backed up on the cloud.


Flexspace is an Integrated Access Layer (IAL) for all your applications and data in one place… your digital workspace – simply better. Secure, intuitive, reliable. OPUS improves workforce productivity in the office by organizing and delivering all of the applications that you use – all on a web-based platform customized to your workflow.


Working off-site? The world is mobile. No problem. Everything goes where you go… your digital workplace – simply better. Flexspace simplifies work you perform away from the office by delivering the same experience on all devices. Simply put, we deliver on the promise of technology to simplify life.


Flexspace lets you access all your apps and all your data on your own customized interface, wherever you roam… your digital workspace – simply better. Work-life balance can get unbalanced pretty quickly when your technology gets in the way. When you do need to access work assets, you can do it easily and quickly with OPUS. OPUS simply does it better.

What our customers say

Opus is fantastic.  It has changed how we work.  It is very flexible, affordable and allows us to add and remove users so easily with great customization. The ability to work mobile on any device has improved productivity greatly.  And the support is superb!

Devon Thomas, CTO

The OPUS platform is unique.  Very simple and easy to use.  OPUS brings visibility to our organization and has helped us be extremely more productive.

John JenkinsDirector, IT

We didn’t know where to go and what to do to improve our company technology. OPUS was able to streamline our process and gave us access to a whole new world of sharing data across our company. We now can share information in real time and work more efficiently. Starting with OPUS was a great decision. They made the transition easy and seamless. I would suggest them to anyone looking to make work easier.

Michelle PerryPresident

OPUS greatly increases my productivity and saves me several hours each week. Having all of my email, tasks, events, and apps in one place is amazing! I recommend this to anyone who values their time and appreciates efficiency.

Matt FrederickFounder, President

Real support by real people

We offer the best support and service you can imagine. Our team stands at the ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year.  Call or email us for rapid response support.        or       615.488.0787

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